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OXHEART, an arts collective, is passionate about showcasing the plentiful talent found in the New York Tri-State area, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and elsewhere. We are all about the people who create art, in whatever form it takes. We are focused on providing an exciting and experimental platform for emerging, established and all in-between artists of multiple media. Collaborating with creators of all kinds, and the people who love to experience such things.

We have worked together with an assortment of collaborators including but not limited to Gowanus Circus, Quiet Lunch Magazine, and Bodega de la Haba. Our events have been held in a variety of venues including Bowery Hotel, Gowanus Ballroom, World Bar, NOoSPHERE ARTS, Brooklyn Lyceum, and most recently, 2001 A Space and Squirrel Haus Arts.

OXHEART has worked with celebrated talent; visual artists Tlisza Jaurique, Alison Silva, Sarah Valeri, Nanci France-Vaz, Stephen Hall, Steve Joester, and Ken Cro-Ken, metal sculptor Adrian Landon, photographer & Flamenco guitarist Gilles Larrain, haute couture designer Louda Larrain, dancers Coco Karol and Jeremy Jae Neal, performance artists Muffinhead and Iggy Berlin, reality TV celebrities Simon Van Kempen & Alex McCord, comedian Josh Gondelman and Ben Kronberg, acoustic & electric guitarist Mike Krenner, Tuba Joe, and acoustic & electronic oboist Matt Sullivan. Previous exhibitions included experimental music events, performance, visual art, fashion, and dance.


OXHEART curated events are held at different spaces in the city. Big or small.

Tell all of your people and have your people tell people, please!


When deciding on a name the factors were…

  1. It needed to have the word ART in it somehow.

  2. It needed to be 7 letters in length.

  3. It has the word HEART in it.

  4. I sign my name with a hug-n-kiss = OX

  5. In addition, OX symbolizes Bull or Taurus, my zodiac sign.

  6. HEAR is for hearing the music!

  7. It would look cool in all capital letters.


OXHEART means any large, heart-shaped variety of sweet cherry which gave meaning to me popping my event planning cherry but more importantly, OXHEART is the cherry on the top of my life/passion sundae.

There you have it. Thanks for your interest and asking.

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