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Greetings From, an art exhibition filled with postcard-sized masterpieces that took place in the month of May in 2019 - this non-curated exhibition displayed over 130 PIECES OF POSTCARD ART from all over the globe. 


Featuring original creations in an assortment of different media by artists...  Roy Aurinko (Finland), Stefanie Schairer (Germany), Steve Joester (New York), Tlisza Jaurique (Connecticut), Marcus Zilliox (Connecticut), Sarah Valeri (New York), Nick Stavrides (New York), Michael Palladino (New York), Sarah Rockower (New York), Gail Boykewich (New Jersey), and more!


Each original work is sold for an affordable $50.00

  • 50% goes to the artist

  • 30% is donated to a local non-profit

  • 20% goes back into producing art shows


There’s a little something for everyone.

Buy art and support living artists!

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